Sustainable Development

BANGDA Way to Sustainable Development
Bangda has invested in solar panels to start our NEW way to environmental mission. All our factory’s roofs are covered by more than 2000 panels. Green energy is our first step toward carbon-neutrality but also a milestone for Bangda to sustainable development.

Solar Power on Roof

3400 tons of coal saved for energy production

Coal combustion is a major contributor to air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and various environmental issues.

31K+ tons of CO2 emission reduced
CO2 is a major greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change, and lowering its emissions is crucial for mitigating the adverse effects of global warming.
800 tons of SO2 emissions reduced
By reducing 800 tons of SO2 emissions, there is a tangible improvment in local air quality, which can have positive health implications for both humans and ecosystems.
We have over 800 skilled employees to develop, manufacture and deliver stainless steel drinkware to our global clients. We have in-house industrial and graphic designers working to develop new and stylish bottles. Engineers in Bangda is ready to help global clients to develop prototype samples and resolve mechanical issues. Quality team is working hard to monitor and investigate any manufacturing issues to ensure qualitied delivery.

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