Insulated Travel Bottle
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  • Neck Shaping Process
    Neck Shaping Process
    Neck Shaping Process for stainless steel bottle Hard working Bangda workers can make quick delivery time
  • Hydration Shaping
    Hydration Shaping
    Hydration Shaping for Stainless Steel Bottle More Than 35 sets of Hydration Shaping Machine at Bangda to make sure large production capacity
  • Pipe Cutting
    Pipe Cutting
    Stainelss Steel Bottle Pipe Cutting Procedure
  • Necking Procedure
    Necking Procedure
    Necking Procedure for Stainless Steel Bottle
  • Stamping
    Stamping parts for bottom or cap of Stainless Steel bottle Auto matic stamping machine can keep high effeciency and stable quality
  • Vacuum Testing
    Vacuum Testing
    Vacuum Testing for Stainless Steel Bottle 3 times total checking for Stainless Steel Bottle to make sure good vauum rate at Bangda factory After Vacuum,After Electrolysis procedure,After Paint we will check vacuum again

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