BANGDA Attended 134th Canton Fair with High Profile

BANGDA Attended 134th Canton Fair with High Profile

Spanning from October 23 to October 27, 2023, the 134th Canton Fair (Phase 2) successfully gained momentum through innovation by presenting fashionable and novel products. BANGDA, as one of the top  manufacturers of stainless steel water bottles, food flask, tumblers & mugs, water jugs, BPA-free water bottles, and other drinkware to serve global clients, attended this canton fair with over 20 new products and 100+ new designs.

Marketing Campaigns

BANGDA has been at Canton Fair for over 16 years continuously with great success. This year, BANGDA increased its marketing campaigns with four big advertising billboards throughout the Canton Fair site. This indicates BANGDA’s commitment to long-term investment in global clients and markets. All these marketing billboards attracted hundreds of new clients and made BANGDA one of the top participants with a high profile.

New Products

BANGDA attended this 134th Canton Fair with 20 new products and 100+ new designs. All these new products and new designs are initiated by in-house engineers, graphic designers, and industrial designers. New products range from coffee tumbles, sports bottles, food jars, and home-use teapots. BANGDA continuously introduces new technologies into our new products and designs.

Recycle and Sustainability

With more focus on community, BANGDA presents its commitment to our earth by introducing more sustainable and recyclable choices for our global clients. With the introduction of 91% recycled stainless steel and more use of green energy in our manufacturing, BANGDA has become one of the top manufacturers to realize its care for our earth and bring more products with LESS-ENERGY use. Our commitment to preserving the planet’s resources and reducing its carbon footprint is nothing short of remarkable.

BANGDA will continue its presence at Canton Fair with its commitment to SUSTAINABILITY, RECYCLE, and QUALITY.

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